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Coastal path in Argelès-sur-Mer

With your sneakers on and your swimsuit in your bag, follow the steep paths of the Sentier du Littoral. From the village of Le Racou to Collioure, this cliffside walk is sure to please.

A charming walk

Our pretty town of Argelès-sur-Mer, located at the foot of the Albères mountains, offers a multitude of landscapes that you can contemplate during a visit to one and the same place: the coastal path. Leaving from Le Racou, take a stroll through a wide, wooded area that’s a complete change of scenery, accessible to all (even those who never walk).

After just a few meters, you’ll be enchanted by the panorama overlooking the south of the town. Following this almost sudden change of scenery, you’ll come face to face with the Pic du Canigou. Any idea why it’s called the Pic du Canigou? No, it’s not a brand of dog food, but the name of the shape of the peak, which resembles a dog’s fangs. Don’t hesitate to immortalize the moment, especially if you’re lucky enough to see the snow-covered peak so dear to the Catalans.

Hikers, the mountain flora will never cease to amaze you. Yes, many beautiful plants grow on this schistose soil! On the cliffside, wild lavender and its peppery mint scent will pique your curiosity. Now you’re high enough to admire the whole town of Argelès-sur-Mer, this amphitheater facing the deep blue Mediterranean Sea.

Need more to impress you? The hiking trails still have a lot to offer. After this breath of fresh air in the green lung of Argelès, this little jewel of the Côte Vermeille opens onto the beauty of the Catalan vineyards. Reach the Racou orientation table, this compass in the middle of nature, for a breathtaking view.

Speaking of breath, it’s time to take it again, because this tour of Argelès’ wonders is not over yet. After the forest, mountains, vegetation and vineyards, take refuge in the heart of Porteils coves. Put down your walking sticks and admire the pretty little pebble beach at the end of the trail.

Get out your walking shoes and sign up at the Tourist Office for this fun-filled guided tour!

Discovering of the Côte Vermeille

Do you want to combine getting out into the countryside with getting into the water? From Le Racou, head for the Sentier du Littoral for a seaside… and cliffside walk! Between the iodine air and the scent of wild lavender, you’re sure to fall in love.

This beautiful 32km circuit is divided into several stages, the second of which from Le Racou to Plage de l’Ouille lasts around 45 minutes, for 3 km, and is accessible to all hikers, casual walkers and even children. Along the way, you can admire small coves with turquoise waters on one side, and the Pyrenean peaks on the other.

A word of advice! There’s very little shade on this trail, so we advise you to do it in the morning or late afternoon during the summer season. Don’t forget to bring your swimsuits for a refreshing stop in the crystal-clear coves.

Fa calor!*
From Racou to Collioure, the walk takes around 2 hours 20 minutes. A bottle of water and a hat are essential to avoid sunstroke in summer!

*It’s hot

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