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Argelès-sur-Mer in Winter

5 ways to explore Argelès-sur-Mer in winter

Long live the winter breeze in Argelès-sur-Mer! With your feet in the water or your head in the clouds, there are a thousand and one ways to enjoy the winter breeze on the Catalan coast. Between the Mediterranean and the Pyrenees, the region offers you a break in the fresh air, in complete freedom.

1 - Warm up Catalan style

Fa fred ?* It’s time to take refuge in the heart of the village of Argelès-sur-Mer. From alley to alley, the old town abounds with spots to escape the breeze. Start with the Casa de l’Albera, the must-see museum on the history of the Albères massif. And don’t forget to make a detour to the Marianne gallery and the Notre-Dame del Prat church to learn more about the region’s heritage.

*Is it cold?

 Menja i calla*

Feeling hungry? Head to one of the village’s restaurants to tantalize your taste buds and regain your strength. On the menu: a generous ouillade dish. Cabbage, ham, potatoes, turnips… All simmered and you’re all warmed up!

*Eat and be quiet

2 - Finding your racoon secret

In Argelès-sur-Mer, the Mediterranean is king… even in winter. For a lovely iodized interlude, head for Le Racou. From its intimate beach to its sandy cottages, the spot invites you to experience the Catalan dolce vita. Whether you prefer a stroll along the seafront or a stroll through the narrow streets, the feeling of freedom remains the same. We love it!


 Four gats...*

Want to go further? Starting from Le Racou, venture out on the coastal path, between sea and cliff. Don’t forget to stop for a moment at the top of the Pointe du Racou for a panoramic view of the town. 10/10 !

*There’s no one…

3 - Research the green ray

“The sea really has no color of its own. It is but a vast reverberation of the sky”, wrote Jules Verne.

In Argelès-sur-Mer, every day brings a new touch of color to the Mediterranean. The best way to contemplate this palette is to take a stroll along one of the many marked paths along the water’s edge. The bonus? In winter, the sun tends to set early! A good excuse to catch a glimpse of the green ray, that rare phenomenon that marks the fusion of sun and sea.

 Notice to axurit* customers

Prefer cycling to hiking? Try out our mountain bike trails in Argelès-sur-Mer! From the Notre-Dame-de-Vie chapel to the Mas loop, the region has more than one itinerary to work your calves.


4 - Putting on to the p(l)age

Whether you’re planning an impromptu picnic, going for a Sunday jog or simply getting away from it all… There are so many reasons to venture onto the beaches of Argelès-sur-Mer in winter. Our favorite? Reading a good book in the shade of a pine tree. On the Plage Sud or the Plage de la Marenda, find your iodized spot and choose a book to devour!

Why choose one beach when you can explore them all? In winter, Argelès-sur-Mer’s beaches reveal their wild, intimate side. It’s the ideal time to put down your mat on the sand and enjoy a lovely reading session by the sea. Great stories in 3,2,1…

From pages to beaches

5 - Trade in the car for bicycles

If the winter breeze is making itself felt, it’s time to leave the car in the garage and prefer cycling. On the Catalan coast, we love to saddle up our trusty steed for a ride in the fresh air. From the Mas Larrieu nature reserve to the coves of Porteils, the area is ideal for exploring on two wheels. A thick down jacket, hat and gloves are all you need!

 What fem*?

Sports enthusiasts take note! Argelès-sur-Mer is packed with circuits to get your cardio pumping. Starting with the Vélittorale. Linking Athens to Cadiz, this section of the Mediterranean by Bike route takes you right up to the Spanish border. We’re off!

*What do we do?