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Catalan ES(CAP)ADE

Cap Catalan: Proud of our heritage!

Be captivated by the uniqueness of Argelès-sur-Mer, and be able to pronounce a few words of Catalan: that’s the Cap Catalan effect! Ready to immerse yourself in our culture?

Vibrant and sunny, Catalan culture is distilled in every corner of Argelès-sur-Mer. Witness the cairos (red brick) facades or the brightly painted clay cornices! It’s a veritable festival of nuances: a pleasure for the senses…

Here, you’ll enjoy strolling through the village, taking part in the many festivities, or titillating your sense of smell with the sweet scents of the bustling markets. In between strolls through the heart of the town, it’s in the restaurants that our taste buds sparkle with pleasure as we sample the sun-drenched specialties of our destination. Between France and Spain, discover Catalan Argelès-sur-Mer!

A bath in (Catalan) culture

Argelès-sur-Mer has its own little character. The proof is in its intense Catalan culture. Present in every racó*, you’ll marvel at its medieval vestiges, fortifications, stigmata of towers and the church of Notre-Dame del Prat!

To help you learn all about our culture, we’ve put together a host of adventures for you to enjoy with your family, friends or loved ones: guided tours, museums, the Marianne Gallery, Valmy Castle or Baludik treasure hunts: what fem* today?

They’ve been designed with you in mind: 13 interpretation panels are scattered around the village center. Keep your eyes peeled!


*what are we doing?

Awakening the senses on the markets

The south of France is full of colorful stalls that tantalize the taste buds as much as the eyes! From traditional markets to the freshest catch of the day, our local producers will spoil you* with their traditional products.

❤️ We love it: Catalan culture is also (and above all!) about sharing, and endless smiles. In the markets, you can enjoy the scents that delight your nose, as well as the lilting accents of the locals. In fact, to fully immerse yourself in the local culture, we say “graciès “** when you’re handed your delicious victuals!


**thank you

Stroll in the village

A typically Mediterranean village, Argelès-sur-Mer has a way of charming you. With its small, colorful streets and cayroux (terracotta brick) ramparts, it’s easy to recognize its 100% Catalan character! Here and there, you can make out the village’s past, closely linked to the kings of Aragon and Majorca. The Argelesians’ lilting accents, and even a few snatches of Catalan, are part of their heritage. Don’t be surprised to hear a few “Fer un petó!*” as you pass by cafés and restaurants!

*give us a kiss

Go to the thread of history

Whether by the beach or in the heart of the village, Argelès-sur-Mer is steeped in Catalan history in every nook and cranny. While the Mémorial du Camp d’Argelès-sur-Mer is a place of remembrance, the Casa de l’Albera will delight lovers of historical discoveries!

Com vas* at la casa (de l'Albera)?

Our tour guides are real Argelès-sur-Mer enthusiasts. And they let us know it! They make a point of introducing us to the town’s history, through various exhibitions. The history of the Massif de l’Albera, its know-how, its traditions… All revealed in an entertaining way, please!

Don’t miss our temporary exhibitions on the first floor of the Casa de l’Albera, featuring part of the Maison du Patrimoine collection. A must-see!

*How are you?

Be waxed*. with our local products

In Argelès-sur-Mer, Catalan culture has found its way onto our plates… and our palates are in for a real treat! Whether sweet or savoury, Argelès chefs are pulling out all the stops to serve up the best of the Mediterranean terroir.

On the menu:

  • Cargolade
  • Bunyetes
  • Boles de picolats
  • Escalivade
  • Rousquille…
    … Even the names of our dishes smell of the South!

Bon profit**!

*To be full
**Good appetite