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Arb'Art urban art festival in Argelès-sur-Mer

Graffiti on the Mediterranean!

From May 24 to June 1, 2024, Argelès-sur-Mer’s Urb’Art festival invites you to take a delightful plunge into the protean world of urban art.

The city takes on color before your very eyes

For this second edition, some 40 graffiti artists and muralists will be coloring the town before your very eyes. Walls in the town center, exhibition panels on the waterfront, street furniture in the port and even two lighthouses will become their canvases of expression on the theme of the Mediterranean and the protection of biodiversity.

For nine days, the public will be able to see these artists at work and exchange ideas with them. The Urb’Art festival will also be an opportunity to try your hand at other forms of urban art, such as breakdance, hip hop, parkour (the art of moving around in the environment)… or to give free rein to your creativity by artistically diverting the artists’ empty aerosol cans.

Regards on the Mediterranean

An artistic, family-friendly event, the Urb’Art festival is also a tool for raising awareness of the need to preserve our environment. This year, artists will show us their view of the Mediterranean Sea, its biodiversity and the threats to this magnificent yet fragile ecosystem (climate, pollution…). On June 1, the last day of the festival, a number of events focusing on coastal preservation will be held on the seafront.

Expo "Urb'Art Portrait Gallery

Who are the artists featured in this 2nd edition of the Urb’Art festival? Come and discover them in this exhibition, conceived as a veritable portrait gallery. At the same time, a retrospective of photos from the “Dark Side” fanzine archives will reveal the evolution of the graffiti world from its birth to the present day.

May 25 to August 31, Galerie Marianne (Espace Liberté) Open Tuesday to Saturday, 10:00 am to 1:00 pm and 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm – Free admission.

Baludik treasure hunt Urb'Art

This tour, created by the Casa de l’Albera team, will enable you to discover the artists and their creations … as well as a few bonuses….

Enjoy the tour!

The starting point for this tour is near the Marasquer parking lot.