Horseback riding Argeles S Ferrer 3Horseback riding Argeles S Ferrer 3
©Horseback riding Argeles S Ferrer 3|S. Ferrer

River crossing on horseback A taste of adventure in Argelès-sur-Mer

Horse riding in Argelès-sur-Mer. A beautiful ride through the woods and hooves in the water

This sunset from a kayak reminded us of that famous Lucky Luke and Joly Jumper ending shot, as we set off for new adventures! And just in time, there are plenty of equestrian activities available in the Argelès-sur-Mer area. So grab your hat, pick up a twig and follow us!

 3,2,1 chevauchez!

The appointment is made with a Ranch in Argelès-sur-Mer for a horseback ride across the river (Le Tech, which flows into the sea at Argelès-sur-Mer). It’s 9.15am and the sun is already high above the Ranch’s small reception. We’re welcomed in good spirits, and our guide hands out the bombs… (Ah yes… for those of you who don’t know, a bomb is also a riding helmet 😉).

With the bombs screwed to our heads, we rejoin our mounts. For us, it’s “Orpheus” and “Pati”. It’s impressive to be so close to a horse, and you realize just how beautiful and imposing this animal is.

The first step is to get into the saddle… It looks so simple when you see cowboys in Westerns, but believe us, it’s not that easy… With the help of our guides, we’ll manage it all the same. Let’s get going! Left foot in the stirrup and we’re off!

It’s an incredible feeling to climb into the saddle. You’re up high and immediately feel at one with your riding companion. All that’s left to do is adjust the height and position of the foot in the stirrup, and learn the basic movements for steering the horse:
– heel strikes to move forward
– reins pulled back to stop
– reins pulled to the right to go right and to the left to go left
We’re off for a 1h30 ride along the banks of the Tech river.

 Walk, trot

Our procession of around 10 horses takes to small dirt tracks, back roads and, at times, paths that literally wind through the vegetation. Sometimes we have to bend down to get under branches. We walk at a walking pace, but when the terrain allows it, we try trotting, which gets the adrenaline pumping.

We’re close to the river, and our guide warns us of a tricky descent to the banks. We lean back in our saddles for this technical passage, but the reward is beautiful as the river gradually reveals itself before us.

 A magical moment

The horses enter the river, and it’s a memorable experience… Our feet are splashed, the sun’s rays make the surface sparkle, and we even spot fish zigzagging just above the water’s surface. We wish this moment would never end. The horses also seem happy to cool off. We make our way through the middle of the river, the water almost reaching our shoes as we pass from one bank to the other, the bottom rocky. After a long crossing, we return to a reed-lined bank and begin the return journey. Our confidence grows and we start to get attached to the horses. Our hearts ache at the thought of parting. A little distracted, some of us let our mounts stray off the path to grab a bit of grass or a stray reed branch.
The little ranch comes into view at the end of the road, and after a final pat to the horses we dismount and leave them for good. Our legs are a little numb, but we all leave with the feeling of having lived a unique experience. We’d like to thank our three guides for putting us at ease. To be repeated!

Many thanks to Ranch de la Sirène for their time and hospitality.