Kayak Sea Argeles S Ferrer 22Kayak Sea Argeles S Ferrer 22
©Kayak Sea Argeles S Ferrer 22|Stéphane Ferrer Yulianti

Sunset by sea kayak in Argelès-sur-Mer

An unforgettable experience. Set sail from Argelès-sur-Mer in a kayak to witness one of the most beautiful sunsets in the Pyrenees.

Argelès-sur-Mer is a goldmine of outdoor activities, which can be enjoyed at any time of day. While we were proposing a trail on the foothills of the Massane tower, we’re changing the scene for a sea kayaking outing, which we recommend at the end of the day.
For young and old, for all levels, in pairs or solo, the different types of kayak adapt to your situation.


Once you’ve chosen your vessel, put on your lifejacket and plant your paddle in the sand: your instructor and guide will explain the basics of how to be an outstanding rower (or at least glide through the water), or how to optimize your strokes, use your paddle and maintain a proper posture to avoid unnecessary fatigue and enjoy your activity – and the view!


Here we are, at the crucial stage where you can take the opportunity to freshen up. With a paddle in one hand and the kayak in the other, all you have to do is glide down to the water, feeling like Maoris conquering new horizons.
As the waves attack, you’ll begin your first paddle strokes under the splashes, which you’ll easily break through.

Geologies, marine fauna and walks between the rocks

Now on calmer waters, we head for Collioure! But first, a few steps to understand the environment around you. Your guides will tell you how the Romans settled in the region, why so many fish swarm beneath you in a protected diversity, how the Pyrenees plunge into the Mediterranean to offer you such grandiose landscapes. Ask your questions, and they’ll take great pleasure in answering them.

Between each stage, there’s plenty of opportunity to play among the rocks, rub shoulders with youngsters jumping off the cliffs or even pick up sea urchins for observation.


Paddle after paddle, the village of Collioure begins to take shape at the top of the cliffs. The Fort du Miradou, overlooking the sea, reflects those days of gigantic fortifications led by the architect Vauban. Further on, we walk along this imposing stone wall, which seems to stand on the water and marks the entrance to the port. The wall appears to us like a theatrical curtain rising to reveal the beautiful, colorful and impregnable Collioure. All we can do is sweep our gaze in all directions. On your right, the bell tower with its distinctive shape, Collioure’s cliff-like royal castle with loopholes, the pleasantly shaped cove, its mill and Fort Saint Elme dominating the village. In the background, you can make out the Madeloc and Massane towers, guardians of the Pyrenees.
After so much effort to get here, in such a unique setting, it’s time to enjoy a glass of Muscat,

Show du Soleil couchant

We leave this place steeped in history. We retrace our steps to contemplate the beginning of the show: the sunset. The sky is ablaze as the sound of paddles beats out a gentle background of foam. Then you’re alone, with this sound and light show lulling you to the rhythm of the waves. A show that’s better lived than read.
We’ll leave you here to go out and mount our horse. You’ll be able to read all about it on our blog very soon.