Kayak à Argelès-sur-MerKayak à Argelès-sur-Mer
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Sunset in a sea kayak

Sunset in a sea kayak

An unforgettable moment

Take a kayak trip from Argeles-sur-Mer and witness one of the most spectacular sunsets in the Pyrenees.


Argeles-sur-Mer is a real treasure trove when it comes to outdoor activities, that you can enjoy throughout the year. While we thoroughly recommend following the foothills below the Tour de la Massane, why not have a change of scene by venturing out in a sea kayak towards the end of the day.

There are different types of kayaks available including doubles and singles, to suit all ages and all levels.

The instructions

After choosing your boat, put on your lifejacket and park your paddle in the sand. Your instructor and coach will explain some rowing basics, (Or at least how to glide on the water) and how to maximise your paddle movements. They’ll also tell you how to maintain the right posture so you don’t get unnecessarily tired so you can make the most of your experience and enjoy the view!

Getting into the water

You’re ready, you’re now at the crucial point where you can cool off. With paddle in hand and the kayak in the other, all you have to do is drag the boat down to the water, feeling like the Maori, set to conquer new horizons. As you take on the waves, you’ll start your first paddle strokes which you easily get to grips with.

Geology, maritime fauna and walks amid the rocks

Now on calmer waters, head for Collioure! But before that, there’s a few sections to explore so you can learn more about this environment. Your guides will tell you how the Romans settled in the region, why so many fish swarm below you in this protected diversity. They’ll talk about how the Pyrenean mountains fall away into the Mediterranean Sea to create this fabulous landscape. And they’ll happily answer all your questions.

Between each section, you’ll get the chance to explore the rocks, meeting youngsters having fun jumping off the cliffs and, you may even get to see some sea urchins to study up close.


As you paddle on, Collioure begins to come into view from behind the cliffs. The Fort du Miradou, overlooking the sea, reflects this period of vast fortifications headed by the architect Vauban. Further on, we follow an imposing stone wall as if standing on the water which marks the entrance to the Port. This wall acts like a rising theatre curtain to unveil the breath-taking colourful town of Collioure. Once you get there, you won’t know where to look first.  On your right, there’s the original bell tower, the royal chateau of Collioure which is like a cliff with look-out holes, the beautifully shaped cove, the windmill as well as Fort Saint Elme seated above the town. In the background you can just see the Tours de Madeloc and Massane which are the guardians of the Pyrenees.

After all the effort you’ve made to reach this unique setting, it’s time to enjoy a little glass of muscat.

A spectacular sunset

We leave this wonderful place that’s seeped in history. We wind along paths to contemplate the start of the show: a spectacular sunset. The sky burns as the sounds of the paddles beat the tempo on a soft background of the surf. You’re all alone to enjoy the lights and sound, rocking you to the rhythm of the waves. This has to be experienced rather than just reading about it.

This is where we leave you to go off to pick up a horse. This is an excursion that you can soon read about on our blog.

Where can you take this trip?

Kayak Mer Argeles S.ferrer (18)Kayak Mer Argeles S.ferrer (18)
©Kayak Mer Argeles S.ferrer (18)

An unforgettable moment


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