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Promenade en mer et vision sous-marine

Ocean cruises including underwater discovery

The 3-in-1 excursion

Fancy a boat trip? Would you like to discover small ports dotted along the Catalan coastline?

Want to introduce your kids to the wonders of the seabed?

Well, you can do all of this by taking an ocean cruise which includes underwater discovery!


A 2-hour excursion

We climb aboard our 2-hour cruise from Port Argeles. The boat is equipped with hydro-jet engines (no propellers) which means you can get closer to the rocks. It also has two underwater viewing tanks so that everyone can closely observe the seabed.

Once on board, you can find a seat on the sun-drenched upper deck or alternatively, opt for some shade on the lower deck. The seating is spaciously designed to ensure every passenger is seated comfortably.

Picture postcard perfection…

“It’s so beautiful! “, “Amazing!” These are the first words passengers utter when they discover the scenic rocky coastline from out at sea. We pass alongside the beautiful beach of Le Racou with cute little beach houses and then travel serenely along the Vermeille coast eventually reaching Collioure, the jewel in the crown. You won’t be able to resist reaching for your camera or smartphone to capture exceptional views of the bell tower, royal chateau, windmill and mountains that fall away into the sea. Picture postcard perfection …

Discover little ports

Port Vendres is the third port we discover during the boat trip. The Captain gives a running commentary throughout the trip sharing his knowledge which he delivers with a touch of humour making this trip all the more fun.

Fish in front of your very eyes

We then reach Cape Bear. This is where you’re have the chance to go down into the underwater viewing wells in small groups. Each of the two viewing tanks is lined with windows to ensure everyone gets to see the underwater fauna and flora. If the sea is calm and clear, you can see as far as 15 metres under the surface. Looking through the windows is exciting and the kids have star fish in their eyes. The crew gives a running commentary describing each species that can be seen.

After several turns in going down to the seabed, passengers then return to the upper decks. But our adventure is not yet over. The Captain manoeuvres the boat to approach a famous cave and paths that are well-known for having been used by smugglers.

After taking time to admire the beautiful scenery, we start the return trip which takes us past a wealth of creeks and small beaches, bordering the rocky coastline.

We smoothly sail back into port and once we’ve set foot on dry land, we can still feel the rocking sensation of the waves. It’s lunchtime. Why not grab a bite to eat in a restaurant terrace overlooking the port?

Thank you to Aquavista for their warm welcome and time.

Promenade Mer Vision Sous Marine Argeles S.ferrer (8)Promenade Mer Vision Sous Marine Argeles S.ferrer (8)
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Like a natural aquarium