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Sailing and underwater vision in Argelès-sur-Mer

The 3-in-1 boat trip
Would you like to take a boat trip? Would you like to discover the small ports of the Catalan coast?
Would you like to show your children the magnificent seabed?
Well, we suggest you do all that on an underwater vision cruise!

 A 2-hour walk

Departing from Port-Argelès, we embark for a 2-hour cruise. The boat is equipped with water-jet engines (without propellers) to get as close as possible to the rocks, and two floats with underwater vision for an observation of the seabed within everyone’s reach.

Once aboard, you can choose your seat, either on the sun-drenched upper deck, or sheltered from the sun on the lower deck. Individual seating arrangements give each passenger plenty of room to sit comfortably.

 The perfect postcard...

“How beautiful!” and “Magnifique!” are the first words spoken by passengers as they take in the view of the rocky coastline from the sea. We pass the beautiful beach of Le Racou, with its small sandy huts, and slowly make our way to the vermeil coast and its jewel: Collioure. It’s hard to resist pulling out your camera or smartphone to capture this lovely view: the bell tower, the royal castle, the windmill and the mountain cut out by the sea, the perfect postcard…

 Discovering small ports

Port-Vendres is the third port we discover on this boat trip. The Captain’s commentary is rich in information, and a touch of humor makes for a very pleasant experience.

 A feast for the eyes

We’ve now reached Cap Béar, and it’s time to descend in small groups into the underwater viewing wells. Each of the two floats is fitted with windows to allow everyone to observe the underwater flora and fauna. In clear, calm seas, you can see more than 15m below the surface. It’s excitement in front of the windows, with children having ̶d̶e̶s̶ ̶é̶t̶o̶i̶l̶e̶s̶ fish in their eyes. The on-board staff provide commentary describing each species observed.

After several passes in front of the seabed, passengers return to the upper decks. But the discovery isn’t over yet, as the Captain maneuvers us closer to the famous cave and smugglers’ path.

After taking time to admire the beauty of the scenery, we begin the return journey, which offers us a second pass along the various coves and small beaches that line the rocky coast.

The arrival at the Port is very gentle, and once we’ve set foot on dry land we still have the feeling of being rocked by the waves. It’s midday, so how about lunch on the port terrace?

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