L’allée des pins Just a stone’s throw from the beach

Allée des Pins: Just a stone’s throw from the beach

Only a few steps from the beach to Allée des Pins!

You’ll find all the amenities you could wish for in Allée des Pins, offering a wide selection of shops, restaurants and nightlife…

We’ve explored the length and breadth of Allée des Pins to share our experience with you. Let us take you there!

Sunny days at the beach, what a treat!  Allée des Pin is a wonderful pine tree-lined avenue that sits bordering the sands of the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. Argeles has been preserving its coastline for a long time now by only giving access to pedestrians.

Enjoy walking or cycling along this tree-shaded boulevard with views of the sea and a backdrop of the Albères mountains and move with ease between the beach and the local commerce.


Allée des Pins is situated amid a pine forest, the wooded area located in front of the Casino and leisure area.

The shopping area is an extended walkway called Allée Jules Aroles, named after a former Perpignan City Councillor who died in 1890.

Shopping, Shopping, Shopping…

Take advantage of the fresh morning air and head to the shops. Discover the latest trends, pick out a floral dress for your Instagram posts (and make your colleagues back at the office green with envy 😊), or snap up a Game of Thrones or Avengers T-shirt. There’s something for all ages, whatever your taste.

If you want to take gifts back with you (especially for those colleagues still in the office), you can choose from a wide selection of postcards, fridge magnets, soaps and keyrings as well as some rather more original items!

You’ll love strolling along Allée Jules Aroles, Allée des Tamarins and Allée des Palmiers.


Enjoy drinks with friends in an open-air cafe with the sea in the background and the sun setting … you could never get bored of this 😉


Nos conseils

Pour une expérience réussie

Public toilets

The town has public toilets in the following areas:

  • at la Pinède (next to the French bowls area)
  • in the post office car park : the Roundabout “Rond-point de l’arrivée”

Cash dispensers

Cash dispensers are located at:

  • Banque Populaire : 1 Allée des Palmiers
  • Caisse Agricole : Allée Jules Aroles
  • Banque Courtois : the Roundabout “Rond-point de l’arrivée”


Feeling a little peckish? Wanting a romantic dinner? Fancy some local cuisine?

Remember to book your restaurant by phone or make your reservation from our website


Feeling a little peckish?

For lunch, you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to restaurants. Overlooking the sea, you’ll find an abundance of excellent fresh fish and seafood. What’s more, there’s a wealth of regional dishes, cuisine from around the world, Asian specialities, delicious salads as well as essential fast food outlets for a quick snack.


Fancy a coffee

Enjoy the summer vibe by listening to the gentle sounds of the sea from one of the many open-air cafes. Relax in the comfort of lounge sofas or pull up a stool.

It's hot in here

For the gourmands, a small ice cream is essential

The temperature’s rising Indulge yourself with an all-important ice-cream

After taking an afternoon dip in warm 24°C waters, why not treat yourself to an ice-cream? (you know the kids are a great excuse for having one yourself 😉).

Do you go for classic flavours like strawberry or chocolate? May be tropical pineapple or mango? Or perhaps you’re more adventurous and opt for a carrot + orange + lemon + beetroot combo?

As the day goes by, your skin turns golden achieving your perfect tan. This is an ideal opportunity to keep up with the trends by getting a temporary tattoo.

Now, it’s time to have some fun playing a few arcade games before heading to a terrace bar to enjoy evening drinks.

There are games for all ages! Challenge a friend to a race around the Monaco circuit, or combine forces to save Sarah Connor in Terminator. Burn some energy throwing a few hoops of Basketball or playing Air Hockey. We found the creepy Walking Dead game spine-chilling.


And playing made us thirsty! The bars are nearby and you can feel it in the atmosphere. The sky turns to orange, the beach empties and the sound of beer bottles opening fills the air. Take a seat on a rooftop terrace. With your holiday in full flow, it’s got to be cocktails (to be drunk in moderation, of course!)


Night falls and you’ve enjoyed a wonderful meal. You’ve been able to take advantage of the many activities and events the Tourist Office provides over the summer period. Concerts, local product tastings, wooden horses for the kids, beach tours and carnival celebrations … Here are some examples of what can be found on Esplanade Charles Trenet and around the area.

(A link for up-to-the-minute news on events in townhttps://bit.ly/2W55drm)


All night long

Now you’re definitely up for going through to the early hours.  On arriving at the club, an impressive staircase leads us straight to seventh heaven. All the summer hits are playing as well as some classics for a touch of nostalgia. In open shirts with gold chain bling, grooving to the vibe, these clubbers are really getting down.

We didn’t notice the time go by. It’s bedtime. Taking a small detour by the beach, you admire the sunrise, which is already lighting up the Tour de la Massane. Suddenly, you think to yourself:



We didn’t notice the time go by. It’s bedtime. Taking a small detour by the beach, you admire the sunrise, which is already lighting up the Tour de la Massane. Suddenly, you think to yourself:

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