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Jules Aroles alley: just a stone's throw from the beach

From the beach to the lanes, there's only one step!

L’allée des pins is home to all kinds of businesses: boutiques, restaurants, nightclubs…

We’ve walked the length and breadth of l’allée des pins to share our experience with you, so here we go!

Beach days – what a treat! Sitting on the sand, between our beautiful Mediterranean and… an avenue of pine trees. Argelès long ago made the choice to preserve its coastline by leaving it accessible only to pedestrians.

Today, we can take full advantage of this tree-shaded promenade, on foot or by bike, with views of the Albères mountain range and the sea, cruising peacefully between shops and beach towels.


L’allée des Pins is located at the level of the pine forest, the wooded area opposite the Casino and the leisure area.

The commercial alley in the extension is actually called Allée Jules Aroles, after the former Perpignan town councillor who died in 1890.

Shopping, Shopping, Shopping...

In the morning, let’s take advantage of the cooler weather for a shopping spree: surf the new trend, choose a floral dress for photos on Instagram (And make colleagues still at the office grumble 😊), buy a Game of Thrones or Avengers T-shirt in a snap, there’s something for all tastes, all ages.

If you’d like to bring back some souvenirs (especially for colleagues still in the office), there’s something for everyone: postcards, fridge magnets, soap, keyrings, and other far more original items!

What a pleasure to stroll along the Allées Jules Aroles, the Allées des Tamarins and the Allées des Palmiers.

Feeling peckish?
For lunch, you’re spoilt for choice. As you can imagine, the seafront offers fresh fish and seafood of the highest quality, but restaurateurs also offer a wide range of regional dishes, world cuisine, Asian cuisine, delicious salads and the inevitable fast-food restaurants.

The gentle sound of the sea lulling summer can be heard from the terraces of the cafés. You can stretch out on sofas or sit on stools.

A little drink on the terrace with friends, the sea in the background, the setting sun… we can’t get enough of it 😉

In the afternoons, after taking a dip in 24°C water, why deprive yourself of a good ice cream? (As we know, children are an excuse to eat one too 😉 ).

Do you prefer the classic Strawberry/Chocolate? Exotic with Pineapple/Mango or original with the Carrot + Orange + Lemon + Beetroot combo?

As the day wears on, skin tone reaches its ideal tan. Ideal for a trendy ephemeral tattoo.

Time to play some arcade games to stretch your arms before a few elbow lifts on the terrace.

Games for all ages! Challenge your friend to the Monaco Rally, or work together to save Sarah Connor in Terminator. To let off steam, try your hand at throwing the most balls into the Basketball basket, or play Air Hockey. We got chills playing The Walking Dead.

Playing made us thirsty! The bars are close by and you can feel it. The sky is turning orange, the beach is emptying out and the sound of beer taps punctuates the aisles. We take our place on a rooftop terrace. The vacation influences our decision: cocktails it is (to be drunk in moderation, don’t you think?).


As night fell, we had a hearty dinner. We were able to take advantage of the activities offered by the Tourist Office, which are very frequent during the summer months. Concerts, tastings of local produce, wooden horses for children, beach tours, carnival… Here are just a few examples of what’s on offer in and around the esplanade Charles Trenet.

 All night long

That’s it, we’re motivated to carry on until the end of the night. Arriving in front of the nightclub, an imposing staircase takes us to seventh heaven. All the summer hits are there, plus the classics for a touch of nostalgia. Shirt open, gold chain sparkling, little steps follow, clubbers go wild.

We haven’t seen the time go by. Time for bed. After a short detour to the beach, we admire the sunrise, which is already shining on the Massane tower.

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