Drop in Water JumpDrop in Water Jump
©Drop in Water Jump|Stephane Ferrer Yulianti

Leisure activities in Argelès-sur-Mer

There are a thousand and one ways to have fun in Argelès-sur-Mer. With family or friends, adventurous or more intimate, in summer or all year round, reconnect with your inner child thanks to a range of leisure activities that can only be found here!

A playground life-size

Let’s get moving!
If there’s one thing that’s unique to Argelès-sur-Mer, it’s its adventure parks. Try the Canyoning Park, where you can link jumps, slides, pits and descents as if you were in a natural environment; the Drop-In Argelès Water Jump Park, where you can launch yourself from its gigantic ramps before plunging into the refreshing water; or the Tour de l’extrême, the only 30-metre-high wooden tower in France, where you can throw yourself into the void at heights of 8, 11 or 28 metres. Pure adrenalin!

Taste the pleasures of speed on our karting track! Measure yourself and outdo your rivals on board our go-karts. Then test your reflexes and challenge your opponents to a frenzied game of paintball or laser tag.
free. Team spirit and thrills guaranteed!

Day or night, take advantage of our funfairs and amusement arcades open into the night, dance the night away in one of our
or share a cocktail in one of our many bars.

Taking it easy…
That’s right! Argelès-sur-Mer is also a great place to have a more leisurely time. If only by strolling along the beach in the early hours of the morning, before settling down for a few hours on one of our beach club loungers or relaxing in one of our spas.
Or enjoy a game of mini-golf, bowling, escape game, tennis or padel with family and friends.
or padel.
You can also rent a bike and explore our 90 km of cycle paths, if you feel like it. And if you
you’d like to combine leisure activities, sport and nature discovery, there’s nothing better than an accrobranche (tree climbing) where specially-designed courses will help you gain height and take a fresh look at your surroundings.

And there’s nothing to stop you from combining the two. Have fun, reconnect!