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Mas Larrieu Nature Reserve in Argelès-sur-Mer

Sometimes it’s important to get away from the hustle and bustle of the crowds and lose yourself in nature. Located north of Argelès-sur-Mer, the 160-hectare Mas Larrieu Nature Reserve is a showcase of fabulous biodiversity between the grau de la Riberette and the ancient Tech weir. It’s an ecosystem in itself. You’ll come across many different species of insect, including the endangered oxygastra curtisii dragonfly, which the reserve helps to protect.

To the "immortals

At the mouth of the river Le Tech lies the Mas Larrieu nature reserve. A listed area, we pass through meadows, dunes, reed beds and alluvial forests. At the end of the river, we can even make out the Canigou peak. The smell of the fixed dunes is intoxicating, emanating from the little flowers called “immortelles”. Early in the morning, as the dew evaporates, their spicy scent is unmistakable…

One of the last "wild" sites of the Roussillon coastline

The nature reserve, created in 1984, covers 160 hectares. Its location, between fresh and salt water, has made it a sentinel of the Argelès coast’s biodiversity. It is one of the last “wild” sites on the Roussillon coast. It has become a “refuge zone” for numerous plant and animal species. Despite its small size, the site is marked by a highly heterogeneous landscape. This is made up of 44 natural habitats, fifteen of which are listed as being of European interest: the Mediterranean dune belt, the riparian environments of the Tech and Riberette rivers, the hay meadows…

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