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Gulf of Lion Marine Park

The Gulf of Lion Marine Park watches over marine biodiversity.

Driven by winds, currents and sedimentary inputs from rivers, the waters of the Marine Natural Park offer particularly favorable conditions for biodiversity.

The six main ecosystems of the Mediterranean are present here, and are home to a multitude of species: sandy seabeds, Posidonia meadows, infralittoral rock, coralligenous, high seas and deep canyons.

Simple gestures to preserve the marine environment

Rainwater collected in downspouts is not treated before it reaches the sea. Do not throw
litter (cigarette butts, etc.).

Trampling causes lasting damage to biodiversity. Staying on marked paths helps to give it back its space. Respect temporary closures; disturbance forces birds to abandon their chicks.

Protect Posidonia meadows by respecting organized anchorages or by anchoring on the sand.

Le Parc in a few words

– A marine protected area created in 2011
– Located from Leucate to Cerbère and up to 70 km offshore, i.e. 4,000 km2.
– An establishment of the French Office for Biodiversity.
– Governance by 60 marine stakeholders
– A 17-strong technical team
– Offices in Argelès-sur-Mer
– Two vessels
– A government budget of one million euros