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A trail between sea and mountains in Argelès-sur-Mer

Trail small loop 8.6km d+530m Valmy > Reservoir > Chapelle St Laurent > Valmy

Start from base de Valmy. Distance 8.6 km, climb 530m, average time 1h15
Nature race profile with 4km climb on rocky trails and fairly rolling descent on DFCI track, with the exception of the detour to the Saint Laurent chapel.

Depart from the Château de Valmy parking lot. You’ll find yourself in a superb setting: a balcony overlooking vineyards, the sea and Mount Canigou. But this is only a foretaste of what awaits you further up… so put on your best shoes!

You start off gently down the road to Château de Valmy.

After turning left at the intersection, you arrive at Rec de l’Abat (Alt: 45m). From here, head towards the Tour de la Massane (Torra de la Maçana) and the Dolmen de la Cova de l’Alarb. This path skirts the impressive stone walls of the Château, as well as the boundary of Mas Peyrot.

At the crow’s-foot, climb the few steps on your left, following the same directions as the dolmen and tower. You’re now in a shady wooded area, where the path starts to get a little rockier.
The path opens out onto a track that you’ll have to tread for 150 metres, until you reach the hairpin bend. You’re now at Bosc de Valmy.

Take the small path to the left, still heading for the Dolmen de la Cova de l’Alarb and the Massane tower. You are now at an altitude of 178m.

You’ve now reached the Dolmen de la Cova de l’Alarb, where you should continue in the direction of another Dolmen site, the Dolmen de Collets de Cotlliure, and of course the Tour de la Massane.

Don’t we look good? You’ve covered 2km and climbed to an altitude of 260m. It’s well deserved, but there’s even more beauty above (yes, it’s possible!). Hydrate, take a photo and let’s get on with it!

Continue this ascent to the second viewpoint, which will be the high point of this trail run. Halfway up, you’ll pass the Dolmen de Collets de Cotlliure.

Still, take time to contemplate before you start running again 😉 – Altitude 380m

Your run progresses on a small, open plateau at Mas d’En Selvat (Alt: 363m). The Tour de la Massane, and the Tour de la Madeloc a little further away will join in a magnificent green and flowery setting, especially in early summer.

After 600m, you come to the fire department’s water tank, which serves as a landmark. Then take the D.F.C.I. track n°AL39, which you will follow for 2.2km before forking left for Chapelle Saint Laurent.

A few features in the landscape will help you get your bearings. You’ll come across a Canadian bridge just after the water reservoir, as well as a memorial and a period sign pointing the way to the Chapelle de Saint Laurent, which we recommend. You can also continue on the AL39 DFCI track.

The trail continues to the right of the chapel (on the entrance side), where semi-natural steps take you back to the AL39 DFCI track.

After the cistern, there’s just one kilometer left of the route to Château de Valmy, to complete this open-air trail. The route is straightforward, through a few dwellings.