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Isabelle Fabre, discovery under the influence

What better ambassador than a dynamic young woman to represent our beloved city? This young woman of a thousand faces, a colorful influencer on Instagram and TikTok with 43,000 and 150,000 “followers” respectively, enjoys life to the full and intends to spread her energy all around her. And it’s as sparkling as you could wish!

Isabelle Fabre Sports blogger

Who are you, Isabelle?

I’m a happy entrepreneur! I started out as a bored engineer, but then something clicked. I left everything behind and went to Australia, where I learned to kitesurf. One day, during a kitesurfing session, I was almost “mauled” by a great white shark. My friend filmed the scene and the video went viral. That’s how it all started. I’m an influencer, yes, but not only that. I’m a videographer, photographer, columnist, pro sportswoman, speaker, coach, and I’ve even developed a textile brand for trail running. Everything I do is about sharing, and the networks are just the right extension of that, between beautiful, polished photos and more authentic snapshots of life.

And what would you like to share about Argelès?
I discovered Argelès when I did the Massane trail. I found it so beautiful, between sea and mountains. It inspired me to make a video about what, for me, is a perfect day in Argelès-sur-Mer. Just imagine! A sunrise on a yoga paddle on a crystal-clear sea, a little gourmet break at the village market, a bit of idleness in one of the many beach clubs, a few swims to cool off, a horseback ride in the pine forest, a sunset hike on the famous coastal path, and then it’s time to party! Granted, it’s a busy day, but there’s no shortage of things to do in Argelès!

What’s your favorite spot?
The Massane tower. Firstly, because it has to be earned: it’s a two-hour climb! Secondly, because it’s often the only place in the world where you can enjoy the peace and quiet and the sublime view of the entire coastline. My favorite part? Climbing it in the early hours of the morning: it’s an incredible spot to watch the sunrise!