Ben Caillous Argelessurmer P6Ben Caillous Argelessurmer P6
©Ben Caillous Argelessurmer P6

Argelès-sur-Mer as seen by Ben Caillous

Play tennis surrounded by century-old pine trees.

Ben is a painter, illustrator, caricaturist, graffiti artist and tattoo artist. Above all, he’s an artist. A graduate of a creative and digital arts school, he has created a style all his own. A touching, dreamy, poetic universe, bordering on nostalgia, that takes us from sketch to wall, straight to Argelès-sur-Mer.

Ben Caillous, emotion at the tip of the pencil

Who are you?

I’m a painter. I’ve always drawn on paper. For a few years now, I’ve been painting on larger formats, on city walls, but I didn’t grow up with a can of paint in my hand. I’ve just arrived in the world of street art… and I’m very welcome.

What is your artistic vision of the town?
I think it’s great that Argelès-sur-Mer is opening up to this artistic, urban and modern side. The location lends itself to it, we have all the know-how to develop it, and people love it! The first time I worked for the town, it was for the opening of the Retirade museum, during a live painting. It was really exciting! Argelès-sur-Mer has a great identity, and I think we could bring the historical and cultural side of the town to those who don’t necessarily go looking for it.

What’s your favoriteatmosphere?
The little coves at sunset. You swim, you picnic. It’s all very calm. Then there’s the harbor with its little fisherman’s market. It’s the place I come to most with my family. We dine in a small restaurant serving nothing but fresh produce, admire the dreamy boats and watch the spectacular sunset.