Lezbroz Le Racou Argelestourisme Lezbroz 70246Lezbroz Le Racou Argelestourisme Lezbroz 70246
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Beach du Racou

All you need to know about Le Racou beach in Argelès-sur-Mer

A pretty little corner
There’s a very special atmosphere at Le Racou (“Recoin” in Catalan), a feeling of being at the end of Argelès-sur-Mer’s “little world”. Life is gentler and slower here, with your feet in the sand and your eyes on the mountains, you take the time to live.

 The sandy cottages

It’s impossible to talk about Le Racou without mentioning its small, sandy cottages, separated from each other by colorful, leafy alleys. Inaccessible to cars, it’s a paradise for children, who can get together in groups to play in the gangways of this sandy village cut to their scale.
Inhabitants take good care of their gardens, which feature green plants, twinkling lanterns and small wooden furniture. Kayaks, paddleboats and other nautical “toys” wait in front of the houses for their owners to take them for a ride from cove to cove.

 A beach between sand and rocks

Add to this the fact that it is at this very spot in Le Racou that the Pyrenees meet the Mediterranean Sea, and it’s easy to see why Le Racou beach occupies a prime position in the rankings of France’s most beautiful beaches.
Between sandy and rocky shores, Le Racou beach has something for everyone: sunbathing on a towel, discovering coves with flippers, mask and snorkel, scuba hunting, paddle boarding…

 A unique viewpoint

Don’t want to just sit on your towel? Put on your sneakers and take the coastal path from Le Racou.
At the top of the climb (5 min.) from the pointe du Racou, you’ll reach an orientation table offering a magnificent view of Argelès-sur-Mer (plage du Racou, port-Argelès, plage centrale and plage Nord).

 The local beach

This is the locals’ “spot”. Around 6pm, there’s often a changeover between the tourists who leave the beach and the locals who come to enjoy the sea and sun after their day’s work.
Argelésiens, residents of the Vallée heureuse and the Vallespir region, gather with family and friends to unwind. After a game of beach volleyball and a dip in the sea at sunset, it’s time for an aperitif and impromptu picnic.

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