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Take a Trip on a Catamaran,

the ultimate sailing sensation for everyone

The simple way to sail a catamaran
No sailing skills are required, and this catamaran trip is the ideal way to discover the delights of the sea.
Away you go, accompanied by an instructor, and enjoy a breathtaking view of the rocky coast


You probably already know about the windsurfing, the Stand-up Paddleboards, and the Pedalo pedal-boats offered by the beach clubs of Argelès-sur-Mer, but did you know that now you can try a trip in a Catamaran?

Whether you’re feeling athletic or want to relax, the choice is yours!

In sporty or relaxation mode, this is an activity that suits everyone and trust us… the sensations out on the water are incredible.

A supervised trip

Each trip is supervised by a qualified sailing instructor who ensures you enjoy an authentic sailing experience that is as pleasurable as it is safe.

To start with, you need a simple “shorty” wetsuit and a lifejacket.

If you feel athletic and want to hang from the trapezes (thrills guaranteed!), you will need to add a Trapeze harness so you can clip yourself onto the slender cables that connect the crew to the mast.

After that, the navigation brief is simple: you sit on the edge of the outstretched tarpaulin and hold on tight 😉

For maximum purchase, especially when the catamaran rises in the water, you can put your feet through the straps provided.

Once in place, you’re in for a treat!

The boat is light and fast, and it goes like the wind. All you can feel is the daggerboards cutting through the water at full speed ahead.

You feel as if you are flying free! The Mediterranean is a magnificent playground.

The sail swells and carries our frail skiff.

Exhilarated, our senses soar, the wind whistles in our ears and the salt sea spray is refreshing.

Let your instructor navigate for you while you enjoy the sunshine and the beautiful mountain views. Unless you’re up for taking your place and going out on the trapeze? Yes? Then let’s go for maximum thrills! 

This is a unique experience you’ll never forget, and if you’re like us, you’ll be dying to re-live it and share it with your loved ones.

Shared with friends or family, a catamaran trip is an opportunity to enjoy an unforgettable experience in Argelès-sur-Mer.

We wish you fair winds and following seas!



Do you want to take it further than just a simple trip?

Opt for a Catamaran course

Group or private lessons

Learn to sail your first catamaran on one of the Languedoc Roussillon’s most beautiful beaches.

Qualified instructors will help you learn and progress safely, adapting their coaching to your level and making you independent in just a few sessions.

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