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Micro-adventure from Argelès-sur-MerNatural escapades

Micro-adventure from Argelès-sur-Mer: Natural escapades

Nestled between the sea and the mountains, Argelès-sur-Mer is an excellent base camp for discovering the nuggets of the Pyrénées-Orientales department. Easily accessible from the resort, certain sites reveal a dazzling nature, between the Pyrenees and the Côte Vermeille. Here are some ideas for 100% natural excursions, for a day or half-day, starting from Argelès


Mount Canigou

It is there, dominating the whole Roussillon plain. A real barometer for the inhabitants of the region, sometimes clear, sometimes snow-covered, sometimes invisible, Mount Canigou is the grail for cyclists in Catalan territory. From Argelès-sur-Mer, it takes a good day to ride to the peak, which is about two hours away. For mountain bikers, excursions are available to have some fun on the slopes of the territory’s star peak: Blue Bear offers a day’s mountain biking on the foothills of the Canigou, from 75€ per person, guaranteed sensations in the legs!

From turn to turn,

Massane & Madeloc

Notice to hikers: between the sea and the mountains, the Argelès-sur-Mer area invites hikers to take to the skies. The Tour de la Massane, a true emblem of the area, promises a beautiful climb but a breathtaking panorama on arrival. With a difference in altitude of around 750 metres, it takes around 5 hours to complete the 14km loop starting from Valmy Park.

Passion tours de guets ? Not far from here, as the crow flies, you can see the Tour de la Madeloc, perched on the heights of Collioure, also a good hike to do there. All the ideas for hiking in Argelès-sur-Mer here.

Dive into the blue:

Banyuls-Cerbère Reserve

Blue, blue, blue

Head for the first Marine Reserve in France. Here, the Mediterranean reveals its most beautiful features on 650 hectares of sea bordering the rocky coast of the Pyrénées-Orientales. The site is home to an underwater trail, a 250-metre summary of the best of the reserve. You can observe the beauty of this silent world through 5 ecosystems: pebbles, Posidonia meadow, boulders, faults and drop-offs.

The diving clubs in Argelès-sur-Mer all offer day or half-day excursions to explore the reserve. This is particularly true of Aquatile Plongée, which offers exploration dives: a day trip in the nature reserve (2tanks dive) or a half-day trip on wrecks or on the rocky coast.

All the information on the diving sites to explore from Argelès-sur-Mer and the clubs here.

Geological curiosity:

the Organs of Ille-sur-têt

Located less than an hour’s drive north-west of Argelès-sur-Mer, the Orgues d’Ille-sur-Têt site reveals curious geological formations, beige fairy chimneys sculpted by erosion, about 10 metres high, the result of a mixture of sand and clay.

This real mineral jewel, with its fragile and ephemeral beauty, invites you to contemplate and to use your imagination to find animal figures and other soothing shapes in the rock. The site is often compared to Cappadocia in Turkey or Bryce Canyon in the USA… Allow an hour to visit the site (entrance fee: 5€ per person).

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