Crique de Porteils. Photography by Stephane Ferrer Yulianti.
Crique de porteils.
Photographie de Stephane Ferrer Yulianti.Crique de Porteils. Photography by Stephane Ferrer Yulianti. Crique de porteils. Photographie de Stephane Ferrer Yulianti.
©Crique de Porteils. Photography by Stephane Ferrer Yulianti. Crique de porteils. Photographie de Stephane Ferrer Yulianti.|S. Ferrer

Exploring the seabed on a SeaScooter

The Tourist Office team wanted to test this new activity offered in Argelès-sur-Mer and the result is clear: we loved it!

It must be said that all the conditions are met to live a beautiful experience.
First of all the place… in Argelès-sur-Mer, there is a vast 7 km beach, but also magnificent creeks, and it is in the sublime creeks of Porteils that we tested the underwater scooter.

What is a seacooter ?

It is a device consisting of an electric motor and a propeller. This device allows you to tow a diver who simply holds on to the handles. The principle is the same as the jet-ski with the difference that the seascooter is immersed in water.
The underwater scooter is increasingly used in snorkeling (fins, mask and snorkel) to move further and faster without effort.

In walk mode or in sport mode..

We are welcomed at the nautical base for a short briefing before jumping in the water.
Two models of seascooter are proposed to us, a yellow/black model rather adapted to the stroll, but having all the same 3 speeds and a smaller and more powerful model (especially when one combines two turbines between them) for strong sensations.
Curious and motivated, we will test both models.

Good to know, the most powerful model does not float. We therefore recommend it to good swimmers

We then equip ourselves with a wetsuit (it is June and the water is still a bit cool), a pair of fins, a mask, a snorkel, and a simple belt on which we attach a rope connected to a flag to signal our presence on the surface.
Justin, our guide, explains the handling of the device, and it is summarized in two buttons: an “on/off” button and a button to select the speeds.

An incredible sense of freedom

We are now ready to explore the underwater world and eager to test the machine.
We slide into the water with care and let’s go for the first turns of the propeller on the surface.
We immediately notice that the activity is very playful, we quickly get into the game and smiles appear on our faces. It seems that all of a sudden the space to explore is doubled, even tripled! We criss-cross the area on, and soon under, the water with undisguised pleasure. This machine is really the ideal companion for exploring the sea bed. We swim freely, our eyes wide open at the beauty of the site.

Who can ride a seascooter ?

Whether you are a beginner or a thrill seeker depends on the model and the power you choose.
To practice the seascooter you must be comfortable with the use of fins, mask and snorkel, and of course like to dive with your head under water!
But you don’t need to be an expert, underwater scooters are no longer reserved for experienced divers, these machines are now very easy to handle.

How to seascoot ?

It’s very simple, just select a speed (slow, fast, very fast), hold onto the handles and pull the trigger to move forward. When the trigger is released, the propeller stops turning. Some models float on the surface or sink when stopped (important information to be clarified before going for a ride).
The position is also essential to preserve your speed.
With the pleasure comes soon the confidence, and here we are more and more at ease with the machine. So we decided to test the two-turbine combination model.
With this more powerful underwater propeller, we almost feel like the legendary James Bond.
You spin through the water, accelerate and weave your way through the underwater flora and fauna.
This model offers other sensations than discovery. It is so powerful that it gives you an incredible feeling of speed underwater, a good way to go beyond your limits and get your adrenaline flowing.

We are seduced…

This little machine is really great. It is a great way to travel further and faster without any effort, and it gives you all the freedom to visit the most beautiful dive sites. Ideal for beginners who do not have much experience in scuba diving or for snorkelers and diving enthusiasts in general, the underwater scooter is very appealing.
With the SeaScooter, you can explore much more of a site in one trip than you can with your own legs and flippers.
We can now access unexplored parts of the site and secret underwater places!