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Double banana

Another way to discover the coastline

There is no lack of family activities in Argelès-sur-Mer. Today, the Tourist Office team tested the double banana. A walk along the coastline, for young and old.  

The departure takes place in the morning, when the sea is at its calmest. At the beach club, Morgan, the boat’s pilot, finishes the final preparations. On the sand, two big red cylinders, side by side, are waiting. This is our double banana.

With life jackets on, we mount our steed, attached by a rope to the motorboat that will pull us along. “Take a deep breath because the banana will go underwater and come out at the buoys”, the driver announces jokingly.

After a slight jolt from the water, we sail out to sea. Our feet rest on the bottom of the boat and our hands are on our wrists. It is impossible for us to fall off.
We head south-east, towards Collioure. The arrival in the bay of the citadel is magical. We are treated to some history lessons and amusing anecdotes about the jewel of the Côte Vermeille.

Did you know that the town was home to one of the oldest oil mills in the region and still in operation? We did not! Incredible.

It’s time to turn around. But the ride does not end here. To port, the cliffs of the coastal path look more imposing. The banana and the boat are tied together and rush between the rocks to stop in a cove, between “Porteils” and “l’Ouille”.

Each passenger in the double banana boat is given a mask and snorkel. It’s time to cool off. An underwater world opens up to us. Some fish, which we follow, between the rocks. The water is exceptionally clear.

We get back on our ship, while the captain quietly sets course for the club. A few minutes later, we are back on dry land, our heads full of memories.