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Local fishing in Argelès-sur-Mer

Local fishing Like a fish in water

Want to swap mussel fishing for turbot fishing? You’ve come to the right place.

In soup, sauce or simply au gratin, our fishermen’s fish are the star ingredients of your summer recipes.
There’s plenty to fall into…

 To cook a bullinada, you need :

  • Fresh fish in season
  • Garlic
  • Potatoes
  • White wine
  • A drizzle of olive oil

* Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, consume in moderation.


Quai du Môle
All year round
Every day in the morning

Georges JaumeGeorges Jaume
©Georges Jaume
For the love of the Big Blue Bus

He knows the sea by heart. But that doesn’t stop him from loving it a little more every day. And with good reason!
For 40 years now, Georges Jaume has been criss-crossing the Mediterranean aboard his faithful boat. His indispensable tools? The nets he unfurls every evening, then empties in the morning. Cuttlefish, turbot, sea bream or octopus… After the preparation, it’s time to negotiate at the port market. Remember to say hello for us!

Every day brings something new. You never know what you’re going to catch, or what you’re going to win. It’s a bit like playing the lottery!

Georges Jaume