Lever De Soleil Au Racou Argelestourisme Lionel Faliu 8146Lever De Soleil Au Racou Argelestourisme Lionel Faliu 8146
©Lever De Soleil Au Racou Argelestourisme Lionel Faliu 8146|©Lionel Faliu - Office de Tourisme d'Argelès sur Mer

Baludik treasure hunt in Argelès-sur-Mer

Discover Argelès-sur-Mer in a whole new way, with fun digital treasure hunts!
Download the Baludik app (free and available on Apple and Android).

Spying in Argelès-sur-Mer

1641: Put yourself in the shoes of French soldiers sent on a reconnaissance mission to check the state of the town’s defenses.

This walk through the streets of the old village will give you the opportunity to discover our town’s ancient fortifications.

the necklace thief from the beach

The curse of the Pharaohs at Argelès plage? The Duchess Hebershire came to the police this morning to report the mysterious disappearance of one of her most precious jewels: “the necklace of the ancient kings of Egypt”. The millennia-old necklace had been given to her grandmother by Ibrahim Pacha, Viceroy of Egypt, during his trip to Roussillon in 1845. Legend has it that the necklace has magical powers, bringing wealth and health to its wearer.

UrbArt discovering Urban Art

Eight talented artists transformed eight of the town’s walls into works of art:
Eight glimpses of “Argelès la naturelle” and as many pretexts for exploring the town and discovering it
from a new angle.
Difuz, Adec, Sodade, Jean Rooble, Niko Inko, Ben Caillous, Prooz, and Astus².