Festival Marenda

The Marenda photo festival has been postponed to spring 2022, however,
2021 will bring you exceptional photo exhibitions throughout the summer!

This summer in the south of France, come and discover Nature and biodiversity in pictures through exhibitions, meetings and events by the sea.

3 months of exhibitions and an international photo competition!

This year Marenda will be presented in the form of photo exhibitions and open-air events on the coast of the Pyrénées-Orientales.

This introduction to the 2022 photo festival will be developed around the exhibitions that will be set up :

  • along the promenade of the South beach of Argelès-sur-Mer
  • around the Children of the Sea village, where a giant teepee will be set up to host various events, and will be the meeting point for the summer’s activities
  • on the Racou beach where the photos of the winners of the international and cross-border photo competition will be exhibited

Throughout the summer, the ADN Nature association will propose a whole series of events and meetings around photography and screenings of animal documentaries.


Thomas Roger and Olivier Larrey transport us to the Taiga. The emblematic animals of the boreal forest are revealed, such as bears, wolves and wolverines.

  • EXHIBITION PLACE – Exhibition Walk – South beach in Argelès-sur-Mer

Catherine and Rémy Marion bring us their scientific view of the bears of the northern hemisphere, whether brown, white or kermode, the bears settle on the promenade.

  • EXHIBITION SPACE – Exhibition Walk – South beach in Argelès-sur-Mer

Michel d’Oultremont brings back images of undeniable poetry, his photographs are characterised by the purity of winter atmospheres or by the singular atmospheres that surround the night.

  • EXHIBITION SPACE – Place Gambetta – Argelès-Village

Alexis Rosenfeld and Serge Planes take us to the frontier of coral reef exploration. They share images that highlight the extraordinary diversity of Pacific coral reefs, combined with photos of Amazonian reefs.

  • EXHIBITION SITE – Quays of Honour, Port-Argelès

The immense volume of the ocean seems so hostile to us that only a handful of us feel comfortable there. Pascal Kobeh is one of those landlubbers who breathe better under the surface of the sea than on land.

  • EXHIBITION PLACE – Part 1: Magellan Square in the port – Part 2: Beach Centre

During their scientific expeditions, researchers from the laboratories of the University of Perpignan Via Domitia (UPVD) observe biodiversity, photograph and scrutinise global changes in Antarctica. Marenda is exhibiting 15 photographs from their expeditions.

  • EXHIBITION SITE – Quays of the Port – Harbour Master’s Office

Thierry Vezon offers us a diversion in the Camargue. Specialised in wildlife and landscape photography, he spends long hours on the lookout, always respecting nature. He also specialises in aerial photography.

  • PLACE OF EXHIBITION – Argelès-sur-Mer – exact location to be announced

The fauna of the African savannah is a sure thing in wildlife photography, and the Argelesian seafront was able to take advantage of it in 2017. The Perpignan Off Festival invites Marenda and photographer Laurent Baheux to one of the city’s most beautiful squares. The Place Gambetta (cathedral square) becomes the playground of the big cats. This exhibition of 12 paintings mixes beauty, strength and fragility of an unforgiving world.

  • EXHIBITION PLACE – Place Gambetta – Perpignan from 28 August to 11 September

Photo competition

The international and cross-border Marenda photo competition is held under the label of the International Federation of Photographic Arts (FIAP). The winners of the competition will be displayed in Argelès-sur-Mer throughout the season.

  • EXHIBITION PLACE – Exhibition Walk – façade of the “Wood, earth, straw” house – south beach

4 campsites and the Christian Bourquin High School of Argelès-sur-Mer, partners of the Marenda Festival, open their doors to the general public. 80 photographs from the prestigious Montier-en-Der competition are presented in the 4 campsites, and then on the forecourt of the Lycée from next September.

  • EXHIBITION PLACE – Campsites: Les Galets, Le Dauphin, Taxo les Pins (road from Taxo to the sea) and La Sardane (avenue du Grau)


Free admission, reservation required by calling the Cinémaginaire on +33468082216 (between 9am and 4pm)
Location: Cinéma Jaurès – rue Jean Jaurès – Argelès-Village
Attention: Limited places!

Fort Comme Un Ours

24 JUNE AT 8.30PM – 52 MINUTES
STRONG AS A BEAR > in the presence of Thierry Robert (director) & Rémy Marion (photographer)
The Fifth Dream & Image Poles – Arte France

Synopsis: In all human civilizations, the bear has always been a source of fear and respect. Today, scientists are on the verge of unlocking the biological and physiological secrets of this emblematic animal, in order to combat public health problems… Kidney dysfunctions, neurological disorders, osteoporosis, obesity, could soon be cured thanks to this unexpected medical “model”. Researchers and doctors from all over the world are not hesitating to leave the laboratory or the hospital to go into the land of the great predators, hoping to discover how the bear could one day revolutionise our lives!

Le Clan Des Cachalots

25 JUNE AT 20:30 – 52 MINUTES
THE SPERM WHALE CLAN > directed by Stéphane Granzotto & François Sarano
Mona Lisa Production – Arte France – Label Bleu

Synopsis : Sperm whales have long been massacred by whaling ships and almost became extinct. Studied from the surface for a long time, the underwater life of these large predators remained a mystery. For seven years, a team of scientific divers off the coast of Mauritius shared the life of a clan of cetaceans and tried to unravel the mysteries of their communication. Witnessing intimate moments of life, from the exchanges between a mother and her newborn baby to the relationship between the latter and his “nanny”, they tried to decipher the secrets of their dialect, but also the complex relationships woven within this society.

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