Argeles Photo Nature



The Ocean is watching us
From 7 May to 28 October 2022
Photographs by Greg Lecœur
Exhibition of 34 panels on the promenade and 16 panels on the Port.

“Have you ever had the opportunity to look a sea turtle or a shark in the eye? Greg Lecoeur invites us to experience this through his magnificent photographs of marine animals taken from the front.

From 7 May to 28 October 2022
Photographs by Olivier Larrey
Watercolours by Yves Fagniard
Exhibition of 42 panels on the promenade

“Tundra is an exhibition of black and white photographs and watercolours. Come and meet the fauna of these icy lands: walruses, bears, foxes, reindeer… ”

El riu d’aqui
From 3 June 2022 to 31 May 2023
Photographs by Maxime Briola
Exhibition of 24 panels on the Place Gambetta – Argelès village

“Do you know the species that inhabit our rivers? Focus on the Tech and its tributaries! A look above and below the surface and sometimes even in between to discover landscapes and fauna that are more than surprising!


Every morning, Monday to Friday, from Monday 11 July to Wednesday 31 August 2022.

Times: 10am to 12.30pm


– Valmy Park

– North Dyke, for the “Treasure of the Sea” workshop

Proposed workshops:

* Soap making from natural ingredients.

* Wild gathering in Valmy: edible plants.

* The treasures of the sea.

* Walk in the forest and discover the fauna of our mountains.

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