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Sea Fishing

at Sunrise

Sea Fishing at Sunrise

An offshore fishing excursion at dawn

Let’s enjoy the magical light the Golden Hours offer

After sea kayaking at sunset, we decided to try out sea fishing at sunrise. It must be said that the hour after sunrise and the hour before sunset are the times of the day that offer sublime natural light. These times are also referred to as the golden hours as the light often takes on this tint.

As the cock crows, the fish are feeding

Did you know, fish are more active when daylight is moderate to low? That’s why it’s better to head out early in the morning for the best fishing. For sea fishing in summer, we meet at 5.45 a.m. on the quay (In the spring and autumn we set off half an hour later). It’s still dark when we reach the boat that’s going to take us out to our fishing spot. We’re welcomed by the crew and we climb aboard and gently head out from Port Argeles. The sea is calm and the boat glides through the water at the first light of dawn. We’ll sail for half an hour until we’re about 5 miles (9 km) from the coast. That’s enough time to enjoy a coffee on board and gradually watch the sun rise. We also learn some handy fishing tips. In particular, we’re shown the signals local fisherman, like Georges Jaume, use.

We’ve never been fishing before… But that doesn’t matter, we’ll soon pick it up!

The captain drops anchor at the best fishing spots. Fishing rods, bait and all the equipment we need, is on hand. A member of the crew explains how to prepare the bait. We use sardines that we first need to decapitate, gut and cut into small pieces. All you have to do is hang a small piece of sardine on the hook and then cast your line.

Wonderful mackerel

There are about twenty fishermen on the boat but each of us has plenty of space. This is a magical moment. The sun rises majestically on the sea and the clouds turn to a shade of pink. But there’s barely enough time to enjoy this celestial show as our fishing rod’s already bending. We’ve got a bite! It’s a wonderfully large mackerel. We awkwardly try to pull the fish onto the boat. The mackerel struggles and it takes all of us to catch it and unhook it (it’s worth bringing a plastic bag and a cloth along with you to wipe your hands). This is a real adventure for those of us who’ve never fished before as we struggle to reel in our lines, watch as the fish come out of the water emitting a little high-pitched sound and grab the fish in our hands. The fishing’s very good. There’s one catch after another which makes it really exciting.

Everyone has to catch at least one fish

The excellent crew has a vast level of expertise and does everything possible to ensure we have an unforgettable experience. A young boy hasn’t managed to catch a fish. A member of the crew immediately steps in to offer some valuable advice. A few minutes later, a big smile appears on the little fisherman’s face as he proudly shows off his catch of the day.

We’re going to fish for around 2 and a half hours which leaves us time to enjoy being gently rocked by the boat as it sails along. This is an opportunity to get away from it all and we quickly forget about our early start. A few more catches and it’s time to head back to the port.

Thank you to KAP MER for their warm welcome and time.

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As soon as they are caught, as soon as they are tasted

We are proud to bring back with our miraculous fishing and decide to organize a barbecue that same evening.

Here are our tips for preparing mackerel with planxa:

1 – Clean the mackerel thoroughly

2 – Gutting the fish

3 – Remove the head

4 – Prepare the vegetables to be grilled on the planxa (cut into slices or strips). We offer red peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms, and eggplants to stay in the Mediterranean theme

5 – Cooking time of the Mackerel: 10min on each side.


The chef’s little suggestion:

Brush your fish with a marinade made from olive oil, garlic, onions, lemon juice and herbes de provence. This will enhance the flavours of your dish.

The homemade garlic will enhance your meal.

Our advice

For a successful experience

Equipment required

Just bring a plastic bag or cooler, and a cloth to wipe your hands. All fishing equipment is provided

Don't forget to book!

Choose spring or late summer for an even more unique experience….just you.

Coffee is offered

The crew offers coffee to start the fishing day off right.

Our suggestions