Whether you’re a freshwater sailor or a seasoned pirate, come and drop anchor in Argelès-sur-Mer!
Here, everyone can enjoy the iodized Mediterranean air and try their hand at a multitude of activities…
Shall we set sail?

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The laughter of children playing on the beach, the cry of a seagull, the soft feel of your feet in the sand… You’ll recognize it between a thousand and one: it’s the call of the deep blue sea!
Whether you prefer a small, intimate cove or a large stretch of sand near the town center, Argelès-sur-Mer’s 10 kilometers of coastline are sure to delight.
Visitors who like to stroll in the fresh air will not be outdone, thanks to the large flower-filled promenade along the seafront. It’s the perfect place to try your hand at rollerblading in front of the blue sea!

And it’s no coincidence that the Mediterranean rhymes with authenticity! Soak up the unique atmosphere of the lively port or the bucolic Racou district. And sometimes even more unusual!

Feet in the sand

Intimate, family-friendly, private or supervised: Argelès-sur-Mer has as many different atmospheres as it has beaches!
Over 7 kilometers, visitors can spend a whole day at their own pace. Sunbathing on your towel in the morning, lunching with your feet in the sand at a beach restaurant or combining a swimsuit with a pedalo in the afternoon… there’s something for everyone!

Creeks are chic

Between cliffs and azure waters, the creeks of Argelès-sur-Mer promise idyllic moments! From the coves of Porteils to the small beach of l’Ouille, it’s the ideal setting for a gentle introduction to snorkeling or diving. From sea anemones to colorful coral, the world of silence has no shortage of beauty…

On the port of Argelès-sur-Mer...

There are sailors who empty their nets! This way, the fish goes directly from the fisherman to the consumer. And into your shopping basket! Port-Argelès is also a favorite stopover for yachtsmen and visitors, with its small squares, festivities and typical restaurants. Don’t be surprised to hear a few Argelésians call out “Fem un café? “* as you pass.

*shall we have a coffee?

What fem?**

The marina is an invitation to stroll. As you walk along, you’ll no doubt notice a few boats as colorful as they are moored: traditional Catalan barques.

**what do we do?

A Racou of paradise

Once upon a time, Argelès-sur-Mer was a haven of peace. Benvingut* au Racou! Meaning “nook” in Catalan, this pretty piece of land takes you into a completely different atmosphere. With your feet buried in the sand and your eyes dancing between the sea and the mountains, take the time to live and stroll to your heart’s content… And your appetite! Tapas bars, fish restaurants or oyster bars, there’s plenty to tempt you in Racou.


**be full, eat well

A little long walk

For an iodized stroll, set course for the seafront promenade. 1.6 kilometers of pleasure await you, between a festival of floral colors and the gentle scent of pine trees. It’s also the perfect place to try your hand at cycling or rollerblading!

Heading elsewhere!